Auteur: Feinberg, Leslie
Titel: Trans liberation
Sub titel: Beyond pink or blue

Een van de leukere boeken over de genderproblematiek. hier zijn de mensen die het dualistische denken echt uitdagen, die zich niet in de m/v formules laten proppen. Egodocumenten van lotgenoten versterken de essays van Les(lie) Feinberg zelf. Les is een bekende amerikaanse activiste voor transgendered rights (transexuelen (m2f en f2m), intersexed (formerly known as hermaphrodites) en cross-dresssers cd) en een befaamde autuer(o.a. Stone Butch Blues). Van deze beweging, die in de VS steeds zichtbaarder wordt is in Europa nog weinig te zien, maar ook in Nederland worden jaarlijks tientallen operaties aan babies uitgevoerd, die met een onduidelijke sexe geboren zijn (1 op 1000) en lopen er dus duizenden mensen rond die daar traumatische ervaringen mee hebben, naast algene die zich om welke reden dan ook niet bij de "gewone" man-vrouw scheiding neer willen leggen. LindaPhillips (64): "There are few men in this world that want to abandon their masculinity, regardless of how they might really feel inside. Being a man is a very heady thing in our world and, even if you have to "fake it" as I did foor fifty years. it is a familiar thing and no one wants to leave the familiar to take a long step down into the other world. ...and to be frank, it is economis suicide as well as disturbing to others of your acquaintance. "In my case I always knew what I was regardless of evidence to the contrary between my legs. ... "When I was young I had a fear of being found out by my peers so I invented "Jim", a guy that would literally beat the shit out of anyone who looked at him the wrong way. When it was discovered, much later, that "jim" had become "Linda" I lost 99% of the males I had formerly once callled friends.. because I had become so totally a woman. "When I was a male I was a straight, agressive, hard male;when I was a woman I was the complete opposite, no one knew except my lady. when we went out into public with me as Linda no one ever guessed; after all, I had all the experience and knowledge of one of the most beautifulwomen in the world at my disposal. She would have never let me out of the door if I wasn't as good as I could be. No one laughed, no one pointed, and more importantly to me, no one knew. In those years, cross-dressing was highly illegal. It truely was an era when to be read was to be dead. "True gender lies not in the appearance of the body but the workings of the mind."
1998, 147 pag., Euro 17
New Beacon Books, London, ISBN

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