Auteur: Network of Black Organisers
Titel: Black Prison Movements USA
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As the din rises in favor of building more and more prisons, and the law-and-order hysteria gets wilder, a counterculture to the lock-down mentality is emerging -- and a new book does an amazing job of covering its numerous aspects. 'Black Prison Movements USA' is more a 'bookazine' than a formal text. Like the anti-censorship Gauntlet, this publication is a collection of thoughts, thinkers and prose on the stated topic. Technically, it is the journal form of the National Organization of Black Organizers' newsletter -- which, sadly, hasn't appeared in almost three years -- but the collection is much more than just that. It's nothing short of a dense, confrontational and coldly honest compendium, speaking about things many people just don't know or else choose to ignore. In a jailhouse interview with now-defunct leftist journal 'Ramparts', the late Black Panther Party Minister of Defense Huey P. Newton said that repression breeds resistance. Indeed, one could consider' Black Prison Movements USA' indicative of that repression; from the creation of control-unit prisons in Leavenworth, Kan. and Florence, Colo., to the alarming escalation of black male imprisonment (the United States, with a much smaller black population, jails more black men than South Africa ever did [source: A Comparison of International Rates of Incarceration, Marc Mauer. Washington, D.C.:Maison Neuve Press, 1992]). The issue of prisons and the jail culture created in society is increasingly coming under criticism, however, from a small but committed movement of people dedicated to ensuring prisoners their civil rights.In Black Prison Movements USA, however, the activists are the prisoners themselves, speaking through their writings and art as well as in interviews about their lives, conditions and politics as black people in prison and in society as a whole.
1990, 185 pag., Euro 20,75
Africa World Press, Trenton, ISBN 865434891

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