Auteur: Grunenberg, Christoph & Jonathan Harris
Titel: Summer of love
Sub titel: Psychedelic Art, Social Crisis and counterculture in the 1960's

A Fascinating book of essays by a host of international experts will be published to coincide with the eagerly awaited exhibition Summer of Love: Art of the Psychedelic Era at Tate Liverpool and will complement the illustrated catalogue of the exhibitions (Tate Publishing). While the exhibition catalogue provides a general and richly illustrated introduction to the theme, this book provides a range of academic texts by some of the leading scholars of the period. Background and contextual essays investigate in-depth the art, history and culture of psychedelia, providing a rich and varied interpretation of the 1960s and its long-lasting legacy. Psychedelic art and culture is presented as an international creative phenomenon that made an essential, unjustly neglected contribution to the art and culture of one of the most turbulent periods in 20th-century history. While highlighting the expansive nature of psychedelic art, related aspects such as counterculture, student revolution, sexual liberation, drugs, literature and poetry, music, fashion, comics, typography are also investigated.This collection of essays will be an invaluable addition to the growing body of literature on the 1960s, highlighting a particular significant and exciting aspect of the period. It will be of interest to the general reader as well as students and scholars of the art and culture of the 1960s.
2005, 320 pag., Euro 39,25
Liverpool University Press, Liverpool, ISBN 853239290

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