Auteur: Chomsky, Aviva with Barry Carr and Pamela Maria Smorkaloff
Titel: The Cuba Reader
Sub titel: History, Culture, Politics

Cuba is often perceived in starkly black and white terms - either as the site of one of Latin America's most successful revolutions or as the repressive regime that is the world's last bastion of communism. `The Cuba Reader' multiplies perspectives on the nation many times over, presenting more than 100 selections about Cuba's history, culture, and politics. Beginning with the first written account of the island, penned by Christopher Columbus in 1492, the selections assembled here track Cuban history from the colonial period through the ascendancy of Fidel Castro to the present `The Cuba Reader' combines songs, paintings, photographs, poems, short stories, speeches, cartoons, government reports and proclamations, and pieces by historians, journalists, and others. Most of these are by Cubans both on and off the island and many appear for the first time in English. The writings and speeches of Jose Marti, Fernando Ortiz, Fidel Castro, Alejo Carpentier, Che Guevera, and Reinaldo Arenas appear alongside the testimonies of slaves, prostitutes, doctors, travellers, and activists. Some selections examine health, education, Catholicism, and santeria; others celebrate Cuba's vibrant dance, music, film, and literary cultures. The pieces are grouped into chronological sections. Each section and individual selection is preceded by a brief introduction by the editors.The volume presents a number of pieces about 20th-century Cuba, including the events leading up to and following Castro's January 1959 announcement of revolution. It provides a look at Cuba in relation to the rest of the world: the effect of its revolution on Latin America and the Caribbean, its alliance with the Soviet Union from the 1960s until the collapse of the Soviet bloc in 1989, and its tumultuous relationship with the United States. `The Cuba Reader' also describes life in the period following the cutoff of Soviet aid and the tightening of the U.S. embargo.
2004, 680 pag., Euro 24,4
Duke University Press, Durham, ISBN 9780822331971

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