Auteur: Borries, Freidrich von
Titel: Who's Afraid of Niketown
Sub titel: Urbanism,Branding and the City of Tomorrow

A book about Nike’s urban marketing strategies and how they alter the city. `Who’s afraid of Niketown?' illustrates the way Nike is transforming urban space into a new brand city. In his persuasive analyses, Friedrich von Borries is able to demonstrate this process with astonishing concreteness. He proceeds not just analytically, but also undertakes speculative excursions into the future. Precisely this approach endows his detailed investigations of contemporary marketing strategies with their forcefulness. By looking at Nike’s strategies of urban interventions, this publication investigates the role that branding and marketing strategies will have on the city of the future as well as the responsibilities architects will have in the future. Nike, who has always embodied the avant-garde of marketing, has developed new marketing strategies during the last years, which focus on the temporary transformation of urban space into brand-specific sites of experience and seek to exploit local sub-cultures. Niketown is not only the name of 19 Flagship Stores located in different cities around the world but it is also a synonym for a new kind of urbanism. This 'Nike-urbanism' encompasses the temporary occupation of urban space and signals Nike’s protest against the functionalized city of modernity and, in addition, it constitutes an alternative plan for today’ cities. According to the brand-strategic objective Niketown is a new kind of city: free, daring and eventful. Friedrich von Borries, born 1974, studied architectureat the ISA, St. Luc in Bruxelles, at the University of the Arts Berlin and at the Technical University Karlsruhe, where he received his PhD in 2004. From 2001 to 2003 he taught urban planning and architectural design at the Technical University Berlin, since 2002 he works as lecturer and researcher at the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation
2004, 104 pag., Euro 17,5
Episode publishers, Rotterdam, ISBN 9059730143

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