Auteur: Morgan, Rowland
Titel: 9/11 Revealed
Sub titel: Challenging the facts behind the War on Terror

On the day that changed everything, do we know what really happened? We know what the mainstream media and the US Government say happened. Al Qaeda terrorists acting on the orders of Osama bin Laden hijacked four planes and used them to launch suicide attacks. But no one has been successfully prosecuted for complicity in the attacks, and the evidence for the official story has never been tested in court. An unknown number of antiterrorism exercises were running that morning, a skyscraper untouched by the planes collapsed that same afternoon, flight recorders from the World Trade Center are unaccountably missing. For the most part we are relying on government leaks and press releases for our information on what is perhaps the most significant single day since the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour. Now Morgan and Henshall bring together new research with the work of independent journalists, and reveal that important parts of the official story are no longer tenable. Elections have been won, laws have been passed, and wars have been fought because of 9/11. It is time for us to decide whether this new and frightening world is the one we really live in. And it is time to look hard at the catastrophic spectacle staged in New York. How did it happen? Who benefited? Are we really convinced the explanation we have been given?
2005, 224 pag., Euro 15,75
Constable and Robinson, London, ISBN 1845291409

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