Auteur: Manzanera, Elias
Titel: The Iron Column
Sub titel: Testament of a Revolutionary

Elias Manzanera helped to set up the Valencian anarchist militia unit, the Iron Column, to unleash social revolution against the military and fascist revolt of July 1936 which began the Spanish Civil War. The Iron Column was the most intransigent and most maligned of the anarchist militias. Manzanera served on its War Committee and here remembers both its achievements, and his comrades who fell fighting, not only against fascism, but for anarchy. "[Manzanera's] attitudes stand in sharp relief. First, he has an intense pride, both in his association with the Iron Column and in the place that he comes from. Secondly, he expressed the firm, almost puritan idealism which drove him and so many of his comrades: bourgeois society was on the way out and the new one would have no need of bourgeois vices. Finally, he has the bitter tone of someone used to being lied about. The people in arms had defeated the military revolt but the republican bourgeoisie and their Communist Party allies campaigned ceaselessly against the revolution. The Iron Column was one of their favourite targets. In the language of power, Communists destroying collectives and killing peasants were 'restoring order' - anarchists defending them were 'uncontrollables'. But he Iron Column were neither 'bandits' nor 'saints'. They were revolutionaries who knew who their enemies were. For that reason, their long and painful odyssey is worth studying."
2006, 30 pag., Euro 3
Kate Sharpley Library, London, ISBN 1873605196

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