Auteur: Gamboni, Dario
Titel: The Destruction of Art
Sub titel: Iconoclasm and Vandalism Since the French Revolution

Dario Gamboni looks at modern iconoclasm deliberate attacks carried out - by institutions as well as individuals - on paintings, buildings, sculptures and other works of art in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Truly international in scope, "The Destruction of Art" examines incidents, some comic and others disquieting, in the USA, France, the former Soviet Union and other eastern bloc states, Britain, Switzerland, Germany and elsewhere. Motivated in the first instance by the recent destruction of many monuments in Europe's former Communist states, which challenged the assumption that iconoclasm was truly a thing of the past, the author has discovered just how widespread the destruction of art is today, manifested in explicable and inexplicable vandalism, political protest and censorship of all sorts. Dario Gamboni examines the relationship between contemporary destructions of art, older forms of iconoclasm and the development of modern art. His analysis is illustrated by case studies from Europe and the United States, from Suffragette protests in London's National Gallery to the controversy surrounding the removal of Richard Serra's Tilted Arc in New York and the resultant debate on artists' moral rights. "The Destruction of Art" asks what iconoclasm can teach us about the place of works of art and material culture in society. The history of iconoclasm is shown to reflect, and to contribute to, the changing and conflicting definitions of art itself.
2007, 416 pag., Euro 25,95
Reaktion Books, London, ISBN 9781861893161

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