Auteur: Stavrakakis, Yannis
Titel: The Lacanian Left
Sub titel: Essays on psychoanalysis and politics

In recent years psychoanalysis - especially Lacanian theory - has been gradually acknowledged as a vital resource in the ongoing re-orientation of contemporary political theory and analysis. Of particular note is that the work of Jacques Lacan is increasingly being used by major political philosophers associated with the Left. This indicates the dynamic emergence of a new theoretico-political horizon: that of the "Lacanian Left". However, this has yet to be properly conceived and structured as a field. "The Lacanian Left" is the first book to bring it into academic consciousness and to draw its implications for concrete political analysis in a systematic way.It offers: an accessible mapping of its main contours; a detailed examination of the points of convergence and divergence between the major figures within or at the periphery of this terrain, including Slavoj i ek, Ernesto Laclau, Alain Badiou and Cornelius Castoriadis; a critical evaluation of their respective arguments on social construction and the political, on affectivity and discourse, on ethics and social change, and on negativity and positivity. Engaging with the role of affect and emotion in political life through the central Lacanian notion of 'enjoyment', "The Lacanian Left" puts forward innovative analyses of political power and authority, nationalism, European identity, consumerism and advertising culture, de-democratisation and post-democracy. It will be of value to everyone interested in exploring the potential of psychoanalysis to reinvigorate political theory, critical political analysis and democratic politics.
2007, 256 pag., Euro 100
Edinburgh University Press, Edinburgh, ISBN 9780748619801

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