Auteur: Profane Existence
Titel: Profane Existence nr. 52/53
Sub titel:

They say “Profane Existence Magazine returns to the land of the living with another jumbo-sized double issue. Without publishing for a whole year, there is lots of lost ground to make up and that includes featuring 11 band interviews. Put to the question are CHUMBAWAMBA, NUCLEAR DEATH TERROR, VISIONS OF WAR, SKARP, ABDUCTEE S.D., FALL OF EFRAFA, SIGNAL LOST, APPALACHIAN TERROR UNIT, THE COOTERS, PISSCHRIST, and HAPPY BASTARDS. Filip of SEE YOU IN HELL writes an extensive tour report of their adventures in Japan, accompanied by photos of every well known they were lucky enough to play with. BEHIND ENEMY LINES' vocalist Dave Trenga continues is By Any MEDIUM Necessary series with an in depth look at the parallels with G.W. Bush's government with European fascism circa 1930-40s. Other conent included Naked Maygun's Vegan Recipes, the Subwar Collective, Club Heretic, and information on CLIT Fest '07 (in Richmond, VA). But above all else is extended coverage of the eviction and demolition Ungdomshuset "youth house" in Copenhagen, Denmark. This was the one fo the longest running autonomous spaces in Europe, home to a thriving anarcho-punk community, and the infamous K-Town festival. The March 1st eviction sparked three days of hardcore rioting across Copenhagen and hundreds of solidarity actions still reverberating all around the world. Central to our coverage is an article about the eviction by someone heavily invovled with the space for the last several years, plus official communiques and on the ground photographs taken as the events unfolded. Profane Existence still has such features as letters, columns, over 300 reviews, and some space dedicated to live band photos. This issue has a slightly different format from previous issues and is designed to be more easily published from this point on (bi-monthly schedule resumes with PE #54 in August!). This issue also introduces a new regular feature in the form of a compilation CD to accompany each issue. This will include songs from the bands featured in the magazine as well as from current anarcho-punk / crust bands worldwide. After receiving an ovewhelming amount of music submissions, we decided to include two CD's rather than cut anyone out. The second CD fatures all of the bands on Profane Existence Records covered in the magazine, plus serves as a sampler of our releases from 2005 through 2007.” I reckon this is getting worse, except Dave’s monster column and a badly laid out piece on Ungdomshuset there is scant stuff of interest besides bands, bands and more bands! The Chumbawamba interview does give a welcome break from the generic feel. Still this does have two free discs and its cheap!
2007, pag., Euro 9,5
Profane Existence, Minneapolis, ISBN

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