Auteur: Peel, Michael
Titel: A swamp full of dollars
Sub titel: Pipelines and Paramilitaries at Nigeria's Oil Frontier

With its oil, kidnappings and religious conflicts, Nigeria is increasingly making headlines around the world. In this fascinating book, "Financial Times" journalist Michael Peel uncovers the political faultline behind the new stories, showing us a land where the tectonic plates of our unequal world collide.Nigeria is a country where polio and petroleum are equally prevalent, where small ethnic militias challenge international oil companies, presided over by a gangster state. The oil-rich Delta region at the heart of it all is, as Peel vividly describes, a troublespot as hot as the local pepper soup. Peel traces the history of British oil exploitation in the country, showing how it has corrupted Nigeria's development to the point where politics is now nothing more than a naked competition for resources. The battle for Nigeria's oil, however, has implications far beyond its African borders. It can be seen in the email scam in your inbox, the price hike at your garage. A host of characters emerge in this Conradian tale, as Peel talks to prostitutes in the brothels of Port Harcout, politicians in Lagos and gains exclusive access to militants in their swamp forest hideout.As the rest of the world continues to burn Nigerian oil in its cars, restaurants and football stadiums, 'Delta' paints an unforgettable picture of the dark and vicious place from which it comes.
2009, 256 pag., Euro 27,95
I.B. Tauris, London, ISBN 9781845119201

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