Auteur: Eiglad, Eirik
Titel: The anti-Jewish riots in Oslo
Sub titel:

Eirik Eiglad is neither Israeli nor right-wing but a left-wing Norwegian. His book “The anti-Jewish riots in Oslo” punches great, gaping holes not only in the conspiracy theory Střre so eagerly grasped after in January. Ms.Waage’s story of right-wing Israelis conducting a smear campaign against Norway is simply blown out of the water, quite simply because even if there was such a conspiracy it could not possibly “orchestrate” a left-wing activist such as Eiglad, who refuses to be orchestrated even by the movement to which he himself belongs - the Norwegian left. Yet the value of Eiglad’s short treatise goes beyond the dismantlement of a conspiracy theory. It pierces to the very core of Norway’s perception of herself as a righteous nation whose criticism of Israel is motivated entirely by humanitarian concerns. The 103 widely spaced pages of “The anti-Jewish riots in Oslo” is a narration of the riots of January 2009 when rioters, under the pretext of demonstrating against Israel’s war against Hamas, turned downtown Oslo into a four-day war zone. Eiglad points to the calls of “kill the jews”, to the placards commemorating Khaybar, to the attacks on the institutions of what anti-Semites perceive to be Jewish power (The Freemason’s Lodge, McDonald’s, etc), to the physical violence, and all the time to the lacking ability of the Norwegian Left to discriminate between legitimate and disproportionate criticism of Israel not to speak of anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism. As the author was present at all the major events of the riots he can draw on a wealth of first-hand experiences, and does so with a highly satisfactory level of literary skill. The mass of detail he provides goes beyond any previous narration, as does the level of analysis and reflection. With regards to the chain of events as they unfolded during the course of the four days examined, it will be difficult for anybody to prove the author wrong.
2010, 103 pag., Euro 4
Communalism Press, Porsgrunn, ISBN 9788293064008

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