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Titel: On a few old topical questions concerning anarchists, and not only
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"I am certainly not nonviolent. All the same I can understand someone who hates violence to the point of wanting to banish it from their life; someone who would never kill, would never use force in order to be heard; who, because of their character and aptitude, prefers not to have recourse to it. But I can only understand all this if it is a question of individual choice. When nonviolence is presented as a method of struggle, a road to be followed, when individual ethics become morals and a collective project, it seems absolute nonsense to me, useful only to justify lack of action and an obstacle against those who rebel, an absolute value to impose on the weak to allow the strong to forget them in comfort. On the edge of the abyss, with the earth more and more under enemy fire, the invitation to use only good manners can look just like that. Do as you like but donít preach to me.That said, I am not a fanatic of violence either. Idonít like those who boast about their own feats in such a context, I donít justify their apology as an end in itself, I detest those who consider it the only solution possible. I consider it a necessity in the struggle against power, nothing more." Translated from Italian May 2007 and published by Elephant Editions, this text first appeared on the website Anarcotico in 2003.
2011, 28 pag., Euro 0,75
Elephant Editions, London, ISBN Zonder

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