Auteur: Barclay, Harold B.
Titel: Longing for Arcadia
Sub titel: Memoirs of an Anarcho-Cynicalist Anthropologist

'Longing for Arcadia' expresses the life long hope and largely unsuccessful search of the author for a tranquil, free and rural land. First, he discovered agriculture, which was not the answer. Then anarchism seemed to be the resolution of the matter. This was the anarchist society built upon mutual aid and voluntary cooperation. Soon, he confessed that while the anarchist critique of society was the most convincing of all, the chances of achieving and maintaining such a society were unlikely. Next he encountered anthropology and made it his life career. While anthropology was also inadequate, he felt at least it served as a bulwark against ethnocentrism and it unveiled the immense variety of human cultures, demonstrating that such entities as capitalism and government did not need to be inevitable and immutable elements of all human society. His widespread world travels initially put him in Egypt and the Sudan, where for more than three years he taught and did field studies of the contemporary population. For over thirty years the author taught at universities in the United States and Canada. During this time he undertook numerous journeys, especially especially through Europe and the Middle East, wrote several books and raised a family. Retired from the University of Alberta in 1989, he eventually moved to Vernon, British Columbia, where he continues to write, to garden and to ride his old horse, Coral. Scattered throughout the book are numerous observations and provocative comments on a multitude of topics, including philosophy, religion, politics, economics, social organization and agriculture.
2006, 374 pag., Euro 19,95
Trafford Publishing, , ISBN 9781412056793

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