From: "mariana barbero"
Date sent: Fri, 28 Dec 2001

Hello and thank you for your information. I'm very worried about your problem and I want to help you. I think that shops like Het Fort Van Sjakoo should be in every cities. I'm right whit you in not to pay more than the social rental because you are doing a social activity. I haven't a good english but I'm trying to write rigthly. I have send this letter to WBA:

Respected Mr and Mrs:

I'm a espanish teacher. I teach spanish language and literature in my classes. You can imagine how important and necessary is for my the reading. I think that we must read so much as we can, because it's culture. Each one think in his way and each one read the books that one wants read. Lost of people read the books that Het Fort Van Sjakoo sells. Most of books of this bookshop aren't in another shops. When I was in Amsterdam I could get a book that I had not could get in my country. They sell a kind of literature, culture and way of life that lots of people like to read and learn. These books aren't commercial books and, is for this reason, that the men and the women those who keep this bookshop haven't enough money to paid an high rent. They keep this activity because they think (like the people who visit the bookshop) that this is a social space and that we must to keep it. They can't pay so much money and they are in this space and place since a lot of years ago. So, I believe you could think over this reflectios and decide to take them a social rent. It will be the justest for everybody. Regards.

Signature: Paula García