Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2001
From: Farouk Sohawon <FAROUK.Z@zedbooks.demon.co.uk>
To: binnenstad@woningbedrijf-amsterdam.nl

Dear colleagues,

We at Zed Books in London were very disturbed when we received an email about the damaging rent increase you are going to impose on Het Fort van Sjakoo. It is so penalising that it amounts to forced eviction.

Here in London in the voluntary and progressive sector we tend to look to Europe and The Netherlands as an example of progressive, forward-lookind and humanitarian policies for its people. But when we hear of your intention to increase the rent to such a penalising level, we could not but get in touch with you to appeal to you to reconsider your policy vis-a-vis the bookshop.

Het Fort van Sjakoo is such an important part of Dutch life and makes up the variety which is so enriching for disadvantaged sections of the community that it would be a great loss to the diverse Dutch social and political landscape. The world-famous Dutch sense of tolerance will take a big blow if you were to fulfil that policy. Not everything in life is about profit and money. We in the UK have had 20 years of Thatcherism in Britain and we can tell you that it has destroyed many things that good people have been fighting for in Europe for hundreds of years.

We beg you to reconsider and make sure that Het Fort van Sjakoo is still operating and doing all the good things it has done over its years of existence.

With kind regards.

Farouk Sohawon

Zed Books Ltd.