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Anarchia follows a group of activist occupying a small strip of forest next to one of the biggest mines in Germany to stop its expansion. A few decades ago, there was still a large forest here with more than ten times as many trees, and for the last few years this last remnant has been defended with tree houses and barricades of sharp wooden posts. What motivates this group of people to give up everything and live in these tree houses? During his stay in the forest, Repko van Husen became increasingly involved with the group, and learned to better understand their ideologies and way of life. The many conversations at the campfire, he found out that it’s about much more than just protecting this forest next to a mine and an abandoned motorway. This is a community striving for a society without hierarchy and structure — a society in which people respect each other and nature, and are not dependent on capital. A society with equality between women and men, without gender stereotyping.

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Author: Husen, Repko van
Year: 2020
Pages: 136
Language: Dutch / Nederlands
Publisher: Repko van Husen
Publisher's city:
Publication date:
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