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Anarcho-syndicalist review #61 febr 2014


One of the most vital, engaging, relevant and informative anarchist magazines today. The essays and articles pertain more than most, both theoretically, and practically, not just to ‘everyday’ concerns, but those that ought to concern anyone interested in putting the movement (not to mention common-sense) back into anarchism. A lively international (and national, of course) news section, and excellent review pages bookend a truly fine institution. The latest issue, #61 (Summer 2013), includes: “Speech to Metalworkers: Anarcho-Syndicalism for South African Unions Today” by Lucien van der Walt; “Workers’ Self-Directed Enterprises: A Revolutionary Program” by Wayne Price; “Anarchist Economics” by Iain McKay; and “For Cyber Syndicalism” by Jeff Shantz; plus news, reviews, and more!

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Author: Collective
Year: 2014
ISBN: Zonder
Pages: 40
Language: English
Publisher: Anarcho-Syndicalist Review
Publisher's city: Philadelphia
Publication date:
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