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Another kind of space


This is a co-operative effort compiled by Alan Dearling and Graham Meltzer, who have been globetrotting for many years to study the huge variety of low impact housing. There is a lot of inspiration in this very personal book, ranging through low impact villages, intentional communities, eco-tourism, modern-day nomads, and the international green community. The first part of the book sets the scene for the remaining bulk of the text, introducing two major threads running throughout the book, those being environmentalism, and the ‘kindred spirits’ inherent in the various types of alternative lifestyle. The main part of the book gives more detail about various projects throughout the world, ranging from a ‘secret’ village community in Wales, through the Vales autonomous houses, Roger Deans futuristic pod structures, to strange floating villages reminiscent of those in the film ‘Waterworld’.

Subtitle: Creating ecological dwellings and enviroments
Author: Dearling, Alan & Graham Meltzer
Year: 2003
ISBN: 0952331659
Pages: 168
Language: English
Publisher: Enabler publications
Publisher's city: Lyme Regis
Publication date:
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