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Bleeding Hearts


‘Bleeding Hearts’ examines the wave of violence that broke out in Egypt in the aftermath of the 2013 military takeover against the country’s first democratically elected president. Abdallah Hendawy sheds light on stories of several political activists who abandoned their commitment to nonviolence and took up arms against the state. Through multiple interviews, ethnographic observations, field work, and qualitative data analysis, Hendawy challenges the dominant theoretical paradigms on radicalization that often attribute this complex phenomenon to ideological or religious beliefs. Hendawy thoroughly examines the tumultuous events that followed the 2013 military takeover and the journey of several radicalized individuals. He demonstrates how and why select Egyptian activists turned to violent tactics in the course of their political engagement. The book highlights key aspects of human social interaction that were previously overlooked in this field, such as rage, shame, and deeply ingrained cultural ideals. The book ultimately concludes that repressive political environments, particularly the systematic authoritarian practices by state security agencies against political activists, are largely responsible for radicalization. Abusive state practices traumatized the activists and created a litany of unsettled grievances without recourse, giving rise to a formidable desire for revenge against those who violated them – both individuals and the institutions they represent.

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Subtitle: From Passionate Activism to Violent Insurgency in Egypt
Author: Hendawy, Abdallah
Year: 2021
ISBN: 9781793613042
Pages: 146
Language: English
Publisher: Lexington Books
Publisher's city: Lanham
Publication date:
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