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Citizens of the wrong type


This booklet examines the history of governments forcibly and coercively sterilising their populations and goes on to uncover examples of other abusive medical and experimental practices performed on unwilling and unknowing people by the State. As the title suggests, it questions whether citizenship really means anything to those in power, and indeed who (if anyone) they regard as ‘their own people’. It then goes on to make a comparison with the outrages inflicted on animals, which are justified by those responsible in similarly dubious terms to those used for the abuse of humans, and concludes that we would be wise to be extremely sceptical of any claims that the powers that be are acting in our interests, unless we have real proof of this, and should not place our trust in them too readily, lest we fall victim ourselves.

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Subtitle: The real guinea pigs
Author: Moss, Stephen
Year: 2014
Language: English
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