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Creative Discipline, Connected Family


Many parents struggle with finding effective ways to manage their children’s behaviour. Can you discipline without punishing? How do you set limits while maintaining closeness and trust? Lou Harvey-Zahra, an experienced parenting coach and teacher, has developed a method that really works: creative discipline. Offering new perspectives on children’s so-called ‘bad behaviour’, she helps parents solve immediate problems while fostering positive, lifelong family connections. This book is full of ideas for overcoming everyday issues like fussy eating, bedtime struggles and sibling squabbles. It also offers inspiration for addressing larger concerns, such as lying, anger and bereavement. With numerous examples, real-life stories and commonly asked questions, this is an encouraging, helpful guide for parenting children from toddler to twelve years old from the author of the bestselling Happy Child, Happy Home.

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Subtitle: Transforming Tears, Tantrums and Troubles While Staying Close to Your Children
Author: Harvey-Zahra, Lou
Year: 2015
ISBN: 9781782502135
Pages: 272
Language: English
Publisher: Floris Books
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