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For Health Autonomy


The present way of life is a war against our bodies. Nearly everywhere, we are caught in a crumbling health system that furthers our misery and subordination to the structural violence of capital and a state that only intensifies our general precarity. Can we build the capacity and necessary infrastructure to heal ourselves and transform the societal conditions that continue to mentally and physically harm us? Amidst the perpetual crises of capitalism is a careful resistance—organized by medical professionals and community members, students and workers, citizens and migrants. ‘For Health Autonomy: Horizons of Care Beyond Austerity—Reflections from Greece’ explores the landscape of care spaces coordinated by autonomous collectives in Greece. These projects operate in fierce resistance to austerity, state violence and abandonment, and the neoliberal structure of the healthcare industry that are failing people. ‘For Health Autonomy’ is a powerful collection of first-hand accounts of those who join together to build new possibilities of care and develop concrete alternatives based on the collective ability of communities and care workers to replace our dependency on police and prisons.

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Subtitle: Horizons of care beyond austerity, reflections from Greece
Author: Carenotes collective
Year: 2020
ISBN: 9781942173144
Pages: 144
Language: English
Publisher: Common Notions
Publisher's city: Brooklyn
Publication date:
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