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History in the Making DVD


This DVD documents the actions of the Animal Liberation Movement worldwide. From the classic scenes of the first A.L.F. raids on British laboratories and factory farms, to the legendary voyages of the sea shepherd fleet, ramming ships on the high sea to shut down illegal whaling and sealing operations, to the E.L.F., dedicated to taking the profit motive out of environmental destruction by causing economic damage to businesses, to activists of the A.L.F. using non-violent direct action in the defence of non-human life. From the early stages of the movement till the most recent actions – ‘ANIMAL LIBERATION – history in the making’ shows the growth of a movement that was born from compassion to end animal abuse and suffering.
Contents: A.L.F. – the movie – 1993, Britches Liberation – 1985, Defenders of the Wild: Sea Shepherd – 1994 , Breaking Free Video Magazine #1 – 1998 ,Igniting the revolution – 2001, SHAC: Time for Action 2 – 2002. A.L.F. – the frontline – 2004, Sabotage – 2004, Dutch A.L.F. video – 2003, Rabbit liberation – 2003, All my heroes still wear masks – 2002. A.L.F. raid, University of Iowa, USA – 2004, features: multilingual menu – english, deutsch and espanol extras: trailer, A.L.F. guidelines, links dual layer format, color, PAL format, no regional code.
Total running time: 204min

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Author: Animal liberation
Year: 2005
Language: English
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