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This story tells of a thief. A thief with egalitarian illusions. An anarchist and his dreams. But with a difference: this man, along with his comrades, really did open the safes of the rich, and by this simple fact demonstrated that an attack on social wealth, even if only partial, is possible.The description of acting beyond the levels that most people put up with daily is implicit in the story. This ‘going beyond’ was faced and taken to the extreme consequences with all that was extraordinary, not as something mythical, but in the reality that Jacob and the others faced in order to carry out their attacks. Procedure and method, rigidity and anarchist ethics in dealing with the representatives of the class in power, are but a few aspects of the tale. It is therefore necessary to put descriptionaside and dig deeper beyond the fiction, in order to reach a point for reflection. Unfortunately enough the translator did only translate 60 percent of the book and left out the 40percent that deals with Jacob’s prison time on Devil’s Island and in French Guyana. This is an nonunderstandable mutilation of Thomas’ biography.

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Subtitle: Alexander Marius, alias Escande, alias Atilla, alias Georges, alias Bonnet, alias Ferran, alias Hard to Kill, alias the Burglar
Author: Thomas, Bernard
Year: 2015
ISBN: 978190798151
Pages: 263
Language: English
Publisher: Active Publishing
Publisher's city: Krnjak / Karlovac
Publication date:
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