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This zine aims to reflect on how we deal with violations of sexual boundaries in our communities and explores new ways to understand each other’s don’ts, to respect each other’s boundaries and to ask for consent more successfully. The zine is a collection of personal stories and ideas, in both English and Dutch. It deals with questions that are not easily talked about, like: How do we define our sexual do’s and don’ts?; What does violation of sexual boundaries look like, in its different shapes?; How does one start to talk about such experiences and what holds us from doing so?; How do we practise good consent?; How can we deal with behaviour that crosses personal boundaries, on a personal and a community level?; How can we support each other when something bad happened?; How do we recognize a rapist?; And what about ‘power of defenition’?

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Subtitle: Dealing with violations of sexual boundaries in our communities
Author: Collective
Year: 2013
ISBN: Zonder
Pages: 52
Language: English
Publisher: Letstalkaboutus
Publisher's city: Amsterdam
Publication date:
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