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Practising Feminist Political Ecologies


Destined to be the next big feminist political ecology text, the volume features some of the most exciting feminist scholars and activists working on FPE in this collective critique of the ‘green economy’. It features the latest analysis of the post-Rio+20 debates with a nuanced reading of the impact of the current ecological and economic crisis on diverse women and their communities and ecologies. It answers the call from a wide audience that wants to know and understand the new thinking on feminist political ecology today. By having such well-known authors including Dianne Rocheleau, Catherine Walsh and Christa Wichterich along with an upcoming generation of new activist scholars, it fills the gap in the environment and gender literature. This new, politically timely and engaging text puts feminist political ecology back on the map.

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Author: Harcourt, Wendy & Nelson, Ingrid L. (Eds.)
Year: 2015
ISBN: 9781783600878
Pages: 336
Language: English
Publisher: Zed Books
Publisher's city: London
Publication date:
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