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Pranks #2


Cultural Writing. Essays. In this collection of essays resistance is shown to be ultimately dispiriting unless we can also have fun. The last remaining quasi-legal territory of imaginative, humorous, creative, dissenting expression is signposted by pranks–any humorous deeds, propaganda, sound bites, visual bites, performances and creative projects which pierce the veil of illusion and tell “the truth.” This book is a mere introduction to the enormous body of unheralded, uncelebrated, undocumented pranking that has occurred just within the past hundred years. Includes interviews with The Yes Men, Margaret Cho, John Waters, Ron English, Al Jourgensen & Jello Biafra, Jihad Jerry, Frank Discussion, Billboard Liberation Front, Lydia Lunch, Julia Solis, Cacophony Society (S.F.), Survival Research Laboratories, Paul Krassner, Reverend Al, Suicide Club, monochrom, Joey Skaggs, and more.

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Author: Vale, V.
Year: 2006
ISBN: 9781889307084
Pages: 212
Language: English
Publisher: Re/search
Publisher's city: San Fransisco
Publication date:
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