Queer Footprints

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Queer Footprints


This groundbreaking guide will take you through the city streets to uncover the scandalous, hilarious and empowering events of London’s queerstory. Follow in the footprints of veteran activists, such as those who marched in London’s first Pride parade in 1972 or witnessed the 1999 bombing of the Admiral Duncan pub in Soho. Accompanied by a chorus of voices of both iconic and unsung legends of the movement, readers can walk through East, West, South and North London, dipping into beautifully illustrated maps and extraordinary tales of LGBTQIA+ solidarity, protest and pride. The shadows of gentrification, policing, homophobia and racism are time and again resisted. From the Brixton Fairies to the Pits and Perverts concert, Rebel Dykes to drag queen communes, Queer Footprints celebrates the hidden histories of struggle and joy.

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Subtitle: A guide to uncovering London's Fierce History
Author: Glass, Dan
Year: 2023
ISBN: 9780745346212
Pages: 352
Language: English
Publisher: Pluto Press
Publisher's city: London
Publication date: 2023-05-20
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