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The Atlantic Slave Trade from West Central Africa 1780-1867


The Atlantic Slave Trade from West Central Africa, 1780–1867, traces the inland origins of slaves leaving West Central Africa at the peak period of the transatlantic slave trade. Drawing on archival sources from Angola, Brazil, England, and Portugal, Daniel B. Domingues da Silva explores not only the origins of the slaves forced into the trade but also the commodities for which they were exchanged and their methods of enslavement. Further, the book examines the evolution of the trade over time, its organization, the demographic profile of the population transported, the enslavers’ motivations to participate in this activity, and the Africans’ experience of enslavement and transportation across the Atlantic. Domingues da Silva also offers a detailed ‘geography of enslavement’, including information on the homelands of the enslaved Africans and their destination in the Americas.

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Author: Domingues da Silva, Daniel B.
Year: 2017
ISBN: 9781107176263
Pages: 248
Language: English
Publisher: Cambridge university press
Publisher's city: Cambridge
Publication date:
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