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The complete concise history of the slave trade


This book is written mainly from my experience since my arrival in the United Kingdom in the early 1960s. I came to the UK before I came in contact with any Afro American or Caribbean. In Nigeria I know some people whose parents originally returned to Nigeria from Brazil and Cuba. The names of these great people are household names in Nigeria and particularly in Lagos. The more I stay in the UK the more I realise that our people from America and Caribbean have very little knowledge of Africa. To my greatest surprise some of them think that Africa is a small country. I came to the UK before the slave trade became a common topic. It is quite clear from my observation that the history of the slave trade is wrongly taught in overseas as far as it concerns Africa. Worse still some of our people here think that the whole of Africa was involved in the slave trade. This book is to put forward the authentic history of the slave trade. Moreover this book will show clearly the areas affected by the slave trade. The aim of the writer of this book is to make the history of the slave trade clear and simple to read. The idea is to make the book affordable and available as much as possible in order to study the history in Africa and overseas. If the history of the slave trade is taught and studied carefully any such mistakes will be avoided in future.

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Author: Olajide, Olayanju
Year: 2013
ISBN: 9781481781596
Pages: 136
Language: English
Publisher: Authorhouse
Publisher's city: Bloomington
Publication date:
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