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The Councilist Movement in Germany (1914-1935)


“It is not our intention to provide a comprehensive review of the history of the German Revolution; as interesting as thatwould be, what interests us in regard to the historical experience of the German Revolution is recognizing its essential characteristics and what was new about it. In our view the historical elements we shall discuss are sufficient for evaluating the conclusions set forth below. Our central theme will be the history of the councilist current that at one particular historical conjuncture took the form of the AAUD-E, or the unitary current. We shall therefore attempt to shed light on the AAUD-E’s process of formation, growth and dissolution, and how revolutionary ideas emanated from the experiences and the problems that shaped the practical process of the revolutionary struggle.”

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Subtitle: A History of the AAUD-E Tendency.
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Year: 2012
Pages: 40
Language: English
Publisher: Pannekoek Press
Publisher's city: London
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