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The Emerging Network of Autonomous Zones


Overview of social and subcultural tendencies towards creating ‘intentional communities’, characterised by Waalwijk as ‘modern tribes’. Focus lies particularly on Ruigoord (the Netherlands), Christiania (Denmark), the Boom festival (Portugal) and Doel (Belgium). The authors intention is to strengthen this tendency and to strengthen the ties between such communities. The text is as loosely knit and sometimes incoherent as the described network, but Waalwijk makes up for that in genuine enthousiasm and free association. On the title page, mention is made of the brochure’s anti-copyright (redistribution is allowed, preferably with mention of the author’s name and a notification to the printer).

Author: Waalwijk, Aja
Year: 2013
Pages: 27
Language: English
Publisher: ALLey Publications
Publisher's city:
Publication date:
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