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Living in the margins of a culture she never felt comfortable in, Cindy Crabb touches on her experiences with feminism, girl-gangs, abuse, and gender identity. With stories, essays, interviews, and more, Cindy writes with fierce honesty and compassion, exploring subjects like consent, abortion, death, self-image, shyness, identity, and anarchism. Embracing the complexities of each, finding her anger, her voice, and the things that help in her struggles with addiction, mental health, and intense loss. Along the way she travels the world, helps start a women and transgender health center, and fights against the social norms that made her feel so trapped.

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Subtitle: Healing our lives through feminism, anarchism, punk & adventure
Author: Crabb, Cindy
Year: 2017
ISBN: 9781621068648
Pages: 330
Language: English
Publisher: Microcosm
Publisher's city: Bloomington
Publication date:

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