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Uprising of Hope


The Zapatistas of Chiapas, Mexico, have often been portrayed in reductive, polarized terms; either as saintly activists or dangerous rebels. Cultural anthropologists Duncan Earle and Jeanne Simonelli, drawing on decades-long relationships and fieldwork, attained a collegiality with the Zapatistas that reveals a more complex portrait of a people struggling with self-determination on every level. Seeking a new kind of experimental ethnography, Earle & Simonelli have chronicled a social experiment characterized by resistance, autonomy and communality. Combining their own compelling narrative as participant-observers, and those of their Chiapas compadres, the authors effectively call for an activist approach to research.

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Subtitle: Sharing the Zapatista Journey to alternative development
Author: Earle, Duncan & Jeanne Simonelli
Year: 2005
ISBN: 9780759105416
Pages: 344
Language: English
Publisher: Altamira Press
Publisher's city: Oxford
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