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Writings of Anarchist and Bank Robber Gabriel Pombo da Silva


From the age of 15 Gabriel began to expropriate banks with his closest companions. For these illegal acts he was imprisoned in Spain where he became an anarchist. Gabriel has served more than 25 years in prison, 14 of which have been in isolation. He does not identify as a prisoner let alone as a social prisoner. He has spent so much time inside because of his general attitude of insubordination and his escape attempt with Xose Tarrio Gonzalez, who was his very close friend. In 2004 and after Gabriel had served 3/4 of his sentence, he managed to get permitted day leave. On one of these, he fled to Germany along with another prisoner (Jose Fernandez Delgado), looking for other rebels to organize an escape plot to free another comrade in Spain. At a typical border control in Germany, they, along with a Belgian anarchist and Gabriel’s sister, are stopped. A shoot-out eventually ensues and hostages are taken–which ultimately leads to their arrest. Although no one was injured, Gabriel was convicted of attempted murder and kidnapping.

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Author: Pombo da Silva, Gabriel
Year: 2014
ISBN: Zonder
Language: English
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