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Adults in the Room


When the Eurozone collapsed in 2010, Greece faced a 300 billion euro black hole: the largest debt in history. In response, the EU imposed yet more loans on Greece under conditions of crushing austerity, money that flowed straight back to commercial banks in Frankfurt whose greed had caused the crisis. In 2015, their country ravaged by the cuts, the Greek people elected a new government with a mandate to reject the so-called bail-out. The man charged with making their case in Europe was Yanis Varoufakis.

What ensued was one of the most spectacular and controversial battles in financial history, ending ultimately in Varoufakis’s resignation. But no one actually knows what went on during those negotiations because Eurogroup discussions are held in secret. In this explosive account, Varoufakis reveals all: an extraordinary tale of brinkmanship and backstabbing that exposes the shocking reality of how power is wielded behind the scenes at the EU.


Artikelnummer: 31285 Categorie: Tags: ,
Subtitel: My Battle with Europe's Deep Establishment
Auteur: Varoufakis, Yanis
Jaar: 2017
ISBN: 9781847924469
Pagina's: 550
Taal: English
Uitgever: Random House
Uitgever stad: New York
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