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Awesome Future


In `Awesome Future: Stories of Victorious Action’, Weed, CA-based zinester Robnoxious wants you to come in from the cold. This beautifully-drawn comix collection says, “Welcome friend; rest your feet. Things are going to be okay.” `Awesome Future’ is positivity incarnate—but it’s not a mindless feel-good trip. This is a positivity that knows things are kind of effed, that we’re up against a wall most days, and that fighting the good fight is a noble, important thing—even if you don’t always come out on top. (And it’s a zine that says, In the end the realistic get what they want but it doesn’t hurt to be a dreamer.) Comics include a beautifully-drawn look at a day in the life of Maxx the dog, a run-in with a bear, and, in the spirit of his last Microcosm zine, Shut Up and Love the Rain, a piece on keeping an open dialog about sexual desire. The mantra we get in these pages is “Punks Win,” that singing loud in the midst of fear and making the best of darkness will have you reaping the rewards. Whether he’s going in for a vasectomy, singing the praises of the sinus-clearing neti pot, or preaching healthy poopin’ practices, Robnoxious does it all with a goodhearted sense of humor, an inclusive tone, and a constructive eye towards survival and a better world.

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Subtitel: Stories of Victorious Action
Auteur: Robnoxious
Jaar: 2011
ISBN: 9781934620458
Pagina's: 68
Taal: English
Uitgever: Microcosm
Uitgever stad: Bloomington
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