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Brother Animal


A major figure among pre-World War I psychoanalysts, Victor Tausk was perhaps Sigmund Freud’s most brilliant pupil—”the most prominently out­standing” in the opinion of Lou Andreas-Salome. Tausk craved recognition for the originality of his work, and a fierce rivalry developed between pupil and mentor. Tausk, who felt a deep and neurotic dependence on Freud, was totally consumed in the struggle. Freud’s final rejection of his follower, and the particularly unfortunate manner in which it was carried out, was followed by Tausk’s bizarre suicide—and by an official silence that has all but obliterated his name from the annals of psychoanalysis.

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Subtitel: The Story of Freud and Tausk
Auteur: Roazen, Paul
Jaar: 1990
ISBN: 9780887388514
Pagina's: 264
Taal: English
Uitgever: Transaction Publishers
Uitgever stad: Somerset
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