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Burn It – Benefit CD


A fundraiser to support the defendants who refused to become police informants. Filastine, a former member of ¡Tchkung! and founding participant in the Infernal Noise Brigade , has been drawing on musical traditions from all around the globe to compose incendiary anarchist music for well over a decade now. Burn It, a wide-ranging mélange of driving rhythms, electronic layering, on-site sampling, and multilingual vocals, has already been released in Europe to great acclaim. These 16 tracks successfully integrate analog and digital, political and party, experiment and entertainment, not to mention artistic traditions from Brooklyn to Indonesia. A full $5 from every CD sale will go to the defendants, who face long stretches of prison time and massive debts. The extensive packaging, in which no plastic is used save that in the CD itself, includes a 12-page booklet providing a full background and commentary on their cases.


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Auteur: Filastine (Crimethinc)
Jaar: 2006
Taal: English
Uitgever: CrimethInc.
Uitgever stad: Olympia
Dit boek is niet meer leverbaar bij uitgever
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