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Educating for Action


The pursuit of freedom and justice is a timeless one, but new activists may not know where to begin, while more experienced ones often become jaded or fatigued. The task of constructing a new society, free from oppression and inequality, can be overwhelming. Tools for facilitating motivation, engagement, and communication can mean the difference between failure and success for activists and social movements. Educating for Action collects the voices of activists whose combined experience in confronting injustice has generated a wealth of key insights for creating social change. This practical guide explores such topics as: * Community activism and direct democracy * Conflict negotiation, communication, and rhetoric * Law, the educational system, and lifestyle activism * Social media skills, conference planning, and online organizing Written in an inspirational tone, ‘Educating for Action’ consciously straddles the line between street activism and classroom instruction. Bridging the gap between these two worlds makes for an engaging and instructive manual for social justice, helping students, teachers, and larger activist communities turn their idealism into action.

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Artikelnummer: 36026 Categorie: Tag:
Subtitel: Strategies to Ignite Social Justice
Auteur: Nocella II, Anthony J.
Jaar: 2014
ISBN: 9780865717763
Pagina's: 235
Taal: English
Uitgever: New Society Publishers
Uitgever stad: Philadelphia
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