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Exile & Pride


Exile and Pride is grounded by Clare’s childhood memories of playing in the Oregon mountains and of her increasing realization of the environmental destruction caused by the logging and fisheries industries that employed her neighbors. This disillusionment with trusted sources of safety and belonging echoes with the prejudice she experiences due to her cerebral palsy and with the terror of sexual abuse that filled her childhood. Her self-imposed exile from her hometown remains a tangle of grief and relief, but Clare highlights the pride she has built through participating in the liberation movements of disabled people and queers of all stripes.

Artikelnummer: 32928 Categorie: Tags: ,
Subtitel: Disability, Queerness, and Liberation
Auteur: Clare, Eli
Jaar: 1999
ISBN: 0896086054
Pagina's: 148
Taal: English
Uitgever: South End Press
Uitgever stad: Boston
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