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It’s Down to This #1


Issue #1 (also still available!) is subtitled “reflections, stories, experiences, critiques, and ideas on community and collective response to sexual violence, abuse and accountability.” Says Doris zine: “This huge zine (100 pages!) is a tremendous resource for people who are committed to ending sexual violence. The past few years have seen an upsurge of community-accountability processes of dealing with assault—and lots of questions and issues these processes have raised. This zine collects a mulititude of stories, reflections and articles—from advice on finding a therapist, written by a perpetrator who is in an accountability process, to articles describing what different accountability groups look like, to raw stories of the failure of radical communities to step up and offer support to survivors. Intense and essential zine for people doing this work.”

Artikelnummer: 29737 Categorie: Tags: ,
Subtitel: Experiences, Critiques, and Ideas on Community and Collective Response to Sexual Violence, Abuse, and Accountability
Auteur: Urb, Claire & Cindy Crabb
Jaar: 2015
ISBN: Zonder
Pagina's: 100
Taal: English
Uitgever: It's Down to This
Uitgever stad:
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