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Our Europe Not Theirs


The contributors to this book suggest a radical agenda for change and reform in Europe. They argue that the UK left should work with other progressives within the EU to create a programme for economic, social and ecological renewal for Europe in the world. In a new introductory chapter, the editors argue that the success of the left in Britain depends on successfully working with its European counterparts to shift the political balance in the EU. A no vote in the referendum would be disastrous both for the left and the country as a whole. Elsewhere contributors discuss austerity’s throttling of Europe’s growth prospects; how to respond to the return of poverty and rampant inequalities; and how to challenge unaccountable corporate power. They also engage critically with Europe’s environmental policies; its short-sighted immigration management; and its sacrifice of fair trade in the name of an ideological commitment to unbridled globalisation.

Artikelnummer: 29896 Categorie: Tag:
Auteur: Priestley, Julian & Glyn Ford
Jaar: 2016
ISBN: 9781910448793
Pagina's: 208
Taal: English
Uitgever: Lawrence & Wishart
Uitgever stad: London
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