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Pioneers of Ecological Humanism


2017, Black Rose Books, 289 pag., ISBN 9781551646077, € 23.95
In our world of ecological catastrophe and social crisis, some roundly
condemn modern civilisation as the source of our Promethean predicament.
What can follow is a rejection of humanism, science and the City and a turn
to either nostalgic primitivism or esoteric spirituality. But do we really
need to flee the city for the woods in order to build a free society? In
this triple intellectual biography, Brian Morris lucidly discusses three
intellectual giants who made an enormous, though often overlooked,
contribution to modern ecology: Lewis Mumford, René Dubos, and Murray
Bookchin. Morris argues that they have forged a third way beyond both
industrialism and anti-modernism: ecological humanism (also known as social
ecology), a tradition that embraces both ecological realities and the
ethical and cultural wealth of humanism. In examining their thought,
Professor Morris paves the way for fresh debate on ecology, charting an
optimistic vision for the profound reharmonisation of nature and culture as
well as the ecological, egalitarian and democratic transformation of our
cities and society. Essential reading for anyone with an interest or active
role in ecology or philosophy and their associated disciplines, Pioneers of
Ecological Humanism is written in a clear and refreshingly direct style
that will appeal to academics, activists, and armchair ecologists alike.

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Subtitel: Lewis Mumford, Rene Dubos, Murray Bookchin
Auteur: Morris, Brian
Jaar: 2017
ISBN: 9781551646077
Pagina's: 289
Taal: English
Uitgever: Black Rose Books
Uitgever stad: Montréal
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