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Reproduce and Revolt


Designed to bring new meaning and vibrancy to political messaging, Reproduce and Revolt contains over 300 exciting illustrations and graphics for use on flyers, posters, t-shirts, buttons, brochures, and other visual aspects of political campaigns. The graphics are bold and easy to reproduce, and all are available for use without permission. This much-needed resource covers a wide range of issues, including war, police brutality, anti-authoritarianism, health care, feminism, the environment, labor, queer liberation, international solidarity, counter-globalization, GMOs and other food issues, and much more.

Artikelnummer: 22428 Categorie: Tag:
Auteur: McPhee, Josh & Favianna Rodriguez
Jaar: 2008
ISBN: 9780979663611
Pagina's: 192
Taal: English
Uitgever: Soft Skull Press
Uitgever stad: New York
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