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Séances, is a book about the underground cinemas here in Amsterdam. It’s co-authored by Cecilia and Jeffrey, with contributions by a handful of people who regularly come to the screenings. The book has been a long time in the making, and had to be updated as history was written, spaces were being destroyed and new doors were being (forcefully) opened. Even though most of the ideas that guide the Underground Cinemas are very explicitly mentioned at the screenings, we thought it was worthwhile to discuss them in depth. The book also follows the trail of countless forgotten movies, of vanishing sectors of Amsterdam, of the deleted histories of un-American cinema, and the past of many of the venues that we gather at to watch movies and dream together. Spaces covered in the book are the OT301, DNA, Joe’s Garage, the recent student occupations, Cavia, The Spinhuis bridge, among many others.

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Artikelnummer: 29733 Categorie: Tags: , ,
Subtitel: Re-wiring Images in the Amsterdam Underground
Auteur: Cecilia & Jeffrey Babcock
Jaar: 2016
ISBN: Zonder
Pagina's: 398
Taal: English
Uitgever: Jeffrey Babcock
Uitgever stad: Amsterdam
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