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Students activists United


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Auteur: Spirit of squatters collective TV
Jaar: 2011
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This DVD is almost 150 minutes of footage of reports, news, speeches,
interviews from demo’s and actions in relation to the resistance
against the austerity measures that are in place here in the
Netherlands. Main emphasis is on the students struggle. It also sheds
light on the plight of workers, artists, activists,environmentalists
and squatters. The goal of spending hours filming/ editing and almost
pulling our hair out making this DVD is very simple. We as a video
collective live in hope that somehow in a nonconformist way(yes call
us freaks, we don’t care) that it reveals the power of the people.
Ordinary people have potentiality (yes that means me and you). The
terrible death of the University Graduate Mohammed Bouaziz: The
Muurish Tunisian Martyr who toppled the Tunisian Government has proven
this. If we stand united a paradigm shift is possible:)

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