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Teaching Resistance


This is a critical collection of fierce, activist educators from around the world with a focus on those in and around DIY/punk subculture. These educators emphasize radical teaching practice and engage inside and outside the classroom from pre-kindergarten to university. Brutally honest and written in accessible language, this book cuts through the usual sanitized tone used in most teacher-penned anthologies, and provides dozens of uncensored reflections and specific examples of deeply critical pedagogy in action. More than just a book for teachers, Teaching Resistance is for anyone who wants to explore new ways to subvert educational systems and institutions, collectively transform (and re-imagine) educational spaces, and empower students and other teachers to fight for genuine change.

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Subtitel: Radicals, Revolutionaries, and Cultural Subversives in the Classroom
Auteur: Mink, John
Jaar: 2019
ISBN: 9781629637099
Pagina's: 416
Taal: English
Uitgever: PM Press
Uitgever stad: Oakland
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