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The no-nonsense guide to international development


The popular image of development as a progressive force bears little relationship to reality. The economic benefits of expensive large-scale infrastructure projects have not trickled down. Increasing concern about the environmental effects of rapid industrialization and a recognition of the need for sustainable development has led to tension between the industrial countries that have already damaged their environments and the poorer countries now being urged to take a globally responsible view. In this book Maggie Black traces the history of development from its post-colonial beginnings, and examines the relationship between development and economic growth, the impact development has had on the living conditions of the poor and on the environment, and whether development will have a specific role in the future or whether it will simply be subsumed under the concept of globalization.

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Auteur: Black, Maggie
Jaar: 2002
ISBN: 1859844316
Pagina's: 144
Taal: English
Uitgever: Verso
Uitgever stad: London
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